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And... Album 13 is here... "Kinda Sorta" (Well, really, it is!)



Unimportant Questions about Movies and TV Shows I Haven’t Seen


I try to guess the basic premise of movies and TV shows I've never watched. Tell me how close or far off I am.

My Take: The Best Pink Floyd Album... and it’s NOT The Dark Side of the Moon


I which I explain why - although The Dark Side of the Moon is a classic LP - there is a better one by Pink Floyd, in my opinion. (It's not one that you'll expect, either!)

QUICK HIT: 3 Recent Liberating Experiences


Premise: We know nothing, yet we must continue to learn and absorb new experiences. The more open we are, the more we’re living.

My takeaway: Letting go of questionable values, less materialism, being open to one’s vulnerabilities, and taking meaningful action to solve problems builds positive momentum that’s healthy and life-affirming.

The Magic Jukebox Is Back


The playlist widget is back! Jump in and listen to some of my tunes! :-)

3 Albums That Changed My Life (First in a periodic series, when I feel like writing about them)


I describe three albums that affected the way I appreciate, compose and record music. Your comments and own choices are welcomed!

New Album! Toothbrush Machine Music


My latest album, Toothbrush Machine Music, was released by Story of Now! Records on June 16, 2018. Please check it out on the listen page of this website. All the tracks are there, along with notes about the recording. Thanks!


Europe 2017


The joke I received from my friend Rod (of the band Sur Rod from Nashville) is that I was on a world tour. Well, no - I wasn't. This was strictly vacation, but what a great time I had in August 2017 visiting Italy, France, Monaco and Spain.

Here's a photograph I took while touring the ruins of Pompeii.


New Album Out Now! Mush with Vegetable Pieces


My 11th official solo release is now available for listening here... Mush with Vegetable Pieces. I'm very proud of this one. Most of the tracks are instrumental and are rather free form. I think if it as a fusion of free jazz and prog, but some of the 'ol garage rock somehow makes its way through, too! Simply go to the LISTEN page and there it is!


Thanks... Tom

New album! Winter Breaks


Big news! I released another album, Winter Breaks, just a few weeks ago.

Is it power pop? Is it a prog album? Is it a jazz-rock-punk mashup suite? What about that song that seems like it would fit on The Beach Boys Pet Sounds? What's going on here?

"Every song on "Winter Breaks" is a jewel in a crowning achievement of greatness. As a whole the album is truly nothing short of a masterpiece… a rare occurrence in the world of music these days!" - Adam Nicholson Music


You can listen to the entire album and buy from CDBaby right from this site's Listen and Buy page, or CLICK HERE.


You can also purchase it from iTunes or listen to it on Spotify


"Every track tells the story of what is the life inspiration of this amazing musician. It goes far beyond influences, just like if the musicianship and his incredible electric guitar tecnique has met the way to try -at least- to solve what Burroughs called the human hieroglyphs of love and suffering. A gem to be played over and over again." - Fernando Garcin/CDBaby review

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