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About Me

A Brief Biography

It's a power pop-singer songwriter, prog, free-jazz, make it up as I go thing...endlessly quirky and always a journey.

I've lived all over the U.S.A: Born in Maine, a small child in Michigan...but I grew up in Hamburg, NY (a suburb of Buffalo), and ultimately found myself at various turns in: Lima, OH; Rochester, NY; Oakland, CA; Phoenix, AZ and now...Minneapolis, MN. So I've been around and have played a bunch of places and recorded with a whole bunch of people.

I started my very first band in Hamburg with some of my best High School friends. The photo of the four handsome young men here is that band, Relayer. That's me with the Vox bass guitar on the far right. How is it that I had the rock fashion figured out then and became such a nerd as time went on?

 RelayerMy longest lasting tenure was as bassist, backing vocalist and songwriter of the pop-punk Fitsners (1993-2001). The Fitsners began in Rochester, NY and ultimately moved to Northern CA. It was there that we issued two CDs on two different indie labels. We played at SXSW, NXNW (twice), and performed in LA, Sacramento and played tons of gigs in the Bay Area.

I spent the balance of my years in the Bay Area playing with other outfits, including the folk-rock Pinch Dogs and the jazz-polka Accidental Quartet. My time in Phoenix included a brief but enjoyable series of coffee-shop gigs with my good friend Lori Shepard.

My concentration 2002 to the present has been primarily toward solo recording, along some session work for friends around the globe as a player, producer and arranger.

As for live appearances, I perform small shows on occasion, but I much prefer to focus on my recording work.

My latest release is Kinda Sorta (released September 2019) on Story of Now! Records.

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